Admin: Blog Template Mostly Fixed

Thursday, July 15, 2021

After making some headway riffing off yesterday's temporary blog template, I noticed an option to use a "first generation" blogger template in the Blogger editor. I tried that, followed by a restore command and an upload of my old template.

VoilĂ  and whew!

The bad news: I'll still need to manually rebuild the blog list in the footer. The good news: I was thinking of overhauling that, anyway. I will do that as able.

In the meantime, my annoyance at this problem from out of left field is somewhat mollified by my ability to cut down the amount of time I was afraid it would take to recover from it.


-- CAV


: The blogrolls have mostly been restored, save for a large number of inactive or defunct blogs that I left off. For the most part, I am done recovering from the template problem I encountered. There may be a few minor cosmetic changes over the next few days and possibly a new catagory or two of blogroll items will make their debuts.

If you had been listed on the blogroll and notice that your blog is missing or the link isn't correct, feel free to email me or leave a comment to that effect.

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