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Friday, June 03, 2022

Notable Commentary

"If you're a patient and you're unsure about the quality of the care you are receiving, you might want to ask your doctors who they work for." -- Paul Hsieh, in "Does Your Doctor Work for a Private Equity Company -- and Should You Care?" (Forbes)

"Entrainment can also effect personal safety and health." -- Paul Hsieh, in "How The Bernoulli Effect Can Help Patients and Physicians" (Forbes)

"I am optimistic because of the hospitalization data and the success of vaccines, antivirals, monoclonal antibodies and home tests -- tools that are finally being used to their full potential to defang the virus and relegate its status to equivalent to many other respiratory viruses we deal with year in and year out." -- Amesh Adalja, in "The Most Important COVID Metric Was Never Cases, but Hospitalizations" (The Hill)

"I don't believe that a poor person's standard of living is sufficient because he has a refrigerator, in the same way that I don't believe that a rich person's standard of living is sufficient because he can travel in space." -- Jason Crawford, in "Le bien-être de l'humanité passe par le progrès" (L'actualité, via The Roots of Progress)

"If I had to make a pair of crucial free throws to win a basketball championship game, I'd much rather hear my coach say, 'You got this, kid!' rather than, 'Don't choke and blow the game, you loser!'" -- Paul Hsieh, in "Traffic Safety Signs May Be Hazardous to Your Health" (Forbes)

"I, too, would have a difficult time providing medical care to members of an enemy military who only a few hours ago had been doing their best to kill my friends and loved ones." -- Paul Hsieh, in "When Ukrainian Surgeons Treat Russian POWs" (Forbes)

"Neuroscientists have also observed ... unusual patterns in brain activity in a volunteer able to create 'out-of-body' experiences, another experience associated with near-death experiences." -- Paul Hsieh, in "What Happens in the Brain at the Moment of Death?" (Forbes)

"Parents who have enrolled their children in Montessori deserve to know that Montessori is turning political." -- Charlotte Cushman, in "Montessori Teacher Fights 'Social Justice'" (The American Thinker)

"There are repeated and vast discrepancies between [the Initiative for Medicines, Access & Knowledge] numbers and the numbers found in official, publicly available governmental sources like the FDA's Orange Book and court opinions." -- Adam Mossoff, in "Unreliable Data Have Infected the Policy Debates Over Drug Patents" (PDF, The Hudson Institute)

Dr. Klaus "Evil" Schwab, of the WEF. (Image by Foundations World Economic Forum, via Wikimedia Commons, license.)
"The WEF's major role in causing today's global energy crisis, and its total failure to apologize for and reflect on that role is further confirmation that the WEF is an anti-freedom and ultimately anti-human organization that seeks totalitarian control in the form of a Great Reset and does not care the result for human life around the world is a Great Regress." -- Alex Epstein, in "Stop Listening To The Davos Great Reset 'Experts' Who Created The Global Energy Crisis" (The Federalist)

"We finance businesses in gold and pay gold interest to investors out of the profits the business generates." -- Keith Weiner, in "Open Letter to Lex Fridman and Michael Saylor" (SNBCHF)

"We were the first country that took seriously this idea that patents are property rights." -- Adam Mossoff, in "What You Need to Know About President Biden's Prescription Drug Agenda" (PDF, The Heritage Foundation)

"Debate in Congress, no matter how acrimonious, beats haste in support of folly any day." -- Gus Van Horn, in "With Permanent Daylight Savings Time, Careful What You Wish For" (RealClear Markets)

-- CAV

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