Coulter Notes Travesty in Passing

Thursday, April 06, 2023

I am no fan of Ann Coulter, but she can produce an entertaining rant from time to time.

One of her more recent pieces, which appears in The Spectator World, qualifies as such. Within, she rightly browbeats her fellow Republicans for circling their wagons around Donald Trump even though it's obvious that (a) while it may be true that he is sleazy and corrupt, he is being prosecuted in New York for political reasons; and (b) they could be rallying around a better (or at least a less easily-attacked) alternative in Ron DeSantis.

There are even some good historical tidbits thrown in, like:

... After voters reject you once, they almost never change their minds. In all of US history, losing presidential candidates have run again about a dozen times. Only three of those renominations were successful -- and only one since 1892. (Nixon was the only one to do it in the past 131 years. Of course, that first election probably was stolen from him, but Nixon graciously conceded, instead of running around making a complete ass of himself.) [links omitted]
I don't agree with everything Coulter says. Sure, maybe part or all of this is deliberately orchestrated by leftists because they realize that running against Trump might well be Biden's best chance at being reelected. But a lot of this is easily attributable to people on both sides acting according to the dumb logic of their irrational premises.

But Coulter is spot-on about how easily "rolled" the Trump base is.

Unfortunately, she was only almost spot-on with the following:
In response to Trump's arraignment on Tuesday, all conservative media swept aside news of out-of-control crime, chaos at the border, fentanyl overdoses and the looming recession. Their No. 1 job became: SAVE TRUMP! A major conservative talk radio host even suggested DeSantis stand down and endorse Trump.
This old satirical work, featuring soldiers squabbling over whose uniform is better, fairly well captures the substance and gravity of current American politics. (Image by the British Museum, via Wikimedia Commons, public domain.)
This is a travesty, but Coulter was too busy trying to score rhetorical points to notice -- which is why I say she is almost spot-on...

The great crime of Trump's pathetic -- and dangerous when he was chief executive -- whining about the 2020 election has been that everyone -- including the conservative press (!) -- is prattling on and on about this famous nonentity, instead of having serious discussions about a host of very weighty issues currently plaguing our republic (like the policy-induced energy shortage) or looming on the horizon (like the insolvency of Social Security and Medicare).

That crime is now being compounded by the left, which, as Coulter correctly notes "run off and make wild charges" "[i]nstead of attacking Trump for the things he'd actually done."

At least the left seems to have the goal of winning in 2024 in mind, even if at great cost to our country later. As for the right, I can't understand what most of them are thinking: The right seems to have lost its mind and with it, might also lose the ripe opportunity a serious run against Biden could represent.

-- CAV

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