If Trump's Unbeatable, What's the Rush?

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

For about the umpteen millionth time, I ran across an editorial -- this time by one Monica Crowley, a former Trump appointee -- to the effect of Trump is the inevitable GOP nominee, so it's time for his challengers to quit.

I have already opined that the GOP primaries, front-loaded by Trump's party stooges, are designed to rig a Trump victory by ensuring there is no time to narrow the field of challengers down before his delegate lead becomes insurmountable.

This tactic hardly reflects confidence on the part of the Trump camp that Republican voters will, given enough time to think about their choices, choose Trump a second time.

This kind of editorial, resembling a dishonest, high-pressure sales pitch as it does, reeks of a lack of confidence in the product on offer:

In 2024, any candidate running a quixotic campaign against Trump is bound to meet a grisly political end. As president, Trump earned an approval rating of roughly 90 percent from Republican voters, the vast majority of whom remain fiercely loyal to him, particularly given the endless political persecution he's enduring at the hands of Democrats. No other GOP candidate can overcome that deep emotional bond. [bold added]
Many of the same people who wear tee shirts like this are following Trump for emotional, rather than rational reasons. (Image by TeePublic, via TeePublic, I believe my use of this image to be protected as fair use under U.S. copyright law.)
The above comes after quickly discounting the top three challengers to Trump -- plus Tim Scott, perhaps so the charge of quixotic doesn't look too ridiculous? -- and pretending that Trump's 55-60% share of a mostly still tuned-out GOP electorate is a "vast majority" of the GOP electorate and a "fiercely loyal" army.

If that's true, why waste time and ink on an editorial? The army will take care of things.

Those of us who are and have been paying attention know that (a) the 25-35% of voters in the GOP who are, in fact, loyal to Trump, plus (b) name recognition among people with lives outside of politics, together are the whole reason he seems to be inevitable right now.

Furthermore, the kid-gloved barely-mentioning of Nikki Haley's candidacy indicates to me that people like Crowley know that Haley will be a real threat to Trump if she has time to consolidate opposition to Trump: Ignore simple arithmetic and focus on the relatively small size of her current share (which can grow) next to Trump's current share (part of which is soft and poised to collapse if he gets convicted), and speak of her in the same breath as Scott, who really doesn't have a chance.

Oh, and speak of Trump's competitors as if they are doomed if they stay in. If this is a threat, it speaks ill of Trump and is actually a reason to try harder to bury him while we have a chance. If not, it makes no sense, since politicians frequently go on to fight another day after losing primaries. This is still America, and not a banana republic, ... I think.

The charge that these candidates are "weakening" Trump is ridiculous. The opponent is Biden, and (contrary to Crowley's assertion) it is often Haley, and not Trump, who polls best against Biden in a head-to-head.

If the GOP wants to defeat Biden, shouldn't it make sure his strongest opponent makes it to the general? And, if the GOP wins the Presidency, shouldn't it take its time figuring out which candidate is best for that job?

If Trump is so great, he and his toadies should welcome more time to explain why he is to potential voters within their party and for the benefit of the general electorate.

If not, why the hurry to don that albatross -- who angered enough voters to elect a non-entity like Biden in the first place! -- again?

All this, and I haven't even gotten around to the "myriad legal challenges" that could saddle such a hastily-chosen standard-bearer (cough!) with a conviction by his peers.

This independent voter who wishes not to reelect Biden despairs when he sees the opposition party blinded to the unfitness of its main candidate by an irrational "emotional bond" felt by the sort of people who wear "fuck your feelings" tee shirts, of all things.

-- CAV

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