Trickier than a Fox?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Rizwan Mowlana appeared again on Fox News today and I was almost certain I would have to eat humble pie for the second time in only a week! In an interview today in which he again promoted his charity and announced that he'd received a donation of over $1 million in medical supplies, Fox News named him "Executive Director of the Council on U.S.-Islamic Relations" and repeatedly showed a caption -- I wrote it down -- that said "Council on U.S.-Islamic Relations." So he's not from CAIR?


Or so I thought. Mowlana is named as an official of CAIR -- as I said in this post -- in several news stories, like the one I cited earlier. I will cite just a few.

He is named in a story about a Moslem student who was taunted in school as a "son of bin Laden." According to the story, "'Our children must be taught that such hurtful behavior will not be tolerated by parents or school administrators,' said CAIR-MD Executive Director [emphasis added] Rizwan Mowlana." He is also named in a story on an activist website whose running title is " - serving the caged prisoners in Guantanamo Bay." Finally, he appears in a new story ("MD Muslim Allowed Islamic Scarf in ID Photo") on the CAIR website itself! "'We thank the MVA for its swift action in helping to resolve this case,' said CAIR-MD/VA Executive Director Rizwan Mowlana. 'Muslims in Maryland should know that their religious practices will be accommodated.'"

Is Fox being lazy? Is Mowlana being deceptive? Or both? In any case, I still smell a rat. Even if Mowlana is affiliated with a non-CAIR Moslem group with the name above, this does not erase his past. For more on CAIR, see this Michelle Malkin post which describes how the group once smeared Daniel Pipes.

-- CAV


1-24-05: Michelle Malkin begins checking out Rizwan Mowlana.


Anonymous said...

i just think your being paranoid, MR.Mowlana is apparently just trying to help his local religious community and you're treading close to slandering him. Let a man who wants to do good do good and question the ones whom we all know do evil. The words you are speaking sound like they are coming from an islamophobe trying to be politically correct, an oxymoron in its own way. But do not try to tear good people down, but instead help build them up.

Gus Van Horn said...

Let's see. By your own admission, I didn't slander Mowlana. So how am I not letting him do anything?

And how are you so sure he's necessarily good? Judging people can be very difficult to do, and if anything, making a big deal out of religion begs investigation as far as I am concerned. To wit: (1) There are people, like criminals in jail who want leniency, who attempt to gain mercy by professing religion; and (2) People commit particularly despicable acts in the name of Islam on a near-daily basis.

So basically, you're ranting at me for throwing a much-needed flag, but side-stepping a lawsuit.

But then your dishonest use of the term Islamophobia gives you away as someone who is, at best, just trying to make me angry and, at worst, sympathetic to Islamists and leftists (Is there really a difference anymore?) who oppose my freedom of speech.

If wanting to be free to state my opinion and criticize Islam makes me an "Islamophobe", then that term is a badge of honor.