The Fours Revisited

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This week's schedule has been brutal. I am normally busy enough, getting up around six so I can indulge my blogging before I head in to work, which often sees me in the lab until seven or eight. Since I normally try to post twice a day during the week, this makes for a hectic enough work week.

But my wife's schedule has been making things mighty difficult this week. As I recently mentioned, she has resumed medical school, and for this year, her schedule will be highly variable. She has managed to ease back in so far, with approximately normal work weeks until yesterday. (I can't believe it's only Tuesday!) But for the next couple of weeks, she gets up one or two hours before I do -- which trashes my best sleep time and necessitates our getting to bed earlier. Today, I find myself incredibly tired. I may have to drop my blog postings to once daily if I don't find some way to adjust for this. Blecch.

In any event, I have neither the desire nor, likely, the level of coherence necessary to write on anything substantial, so I'll play a version of the fours I haven't seen yet, courtesy of a reader from our neighbor to the North. Best of all for me, some parts overlap with one of my earlier postings....

(1) 4 jobs I've had, (2) 4 places I've lived, and (3) 4 vacation spots I've liked:

I've (yawn) already answered these. I leave it as (stretch) an exercise for the reader to find what these answers are.

(4) 4 dishes I can't get enough of:

(5) 4 sports I've played:
  • Soccer
  • Golf (Once.)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Volleyball
I have played only soccer and ultimate on actual teams.

(6) 4 writers I like:
  • Ayn Rand, for her philosophic insights
  • John Kennedy Toole, for his comic genius
  • Caroline Glick, my latest "discovery"
  • Thomas Sowell, my long-time favorite columnist
(7) 4 directors I like:
  • Orson Welles
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Peter Jackson
  • Ron Howard
(8) 4 albums I'd bring on a desert island:
(9) 4 blogs I read daily: (Unless you count RealClear Politics or The Drudge Report as blogs, I haven't been reading any blogs daily lately so here are the ones that come closest.)
(10) 4 things I've always wanted to do but didn't: (Actual regrets will be mixed with fantasies indiscriminately here.)
  • Date during high school. (Too shy and too Catholic back then....)
  • Get an Instalanche. (I don't know if this is a regret or a fantasy. Heck. I'm not so sure I'd want the major disruption that would be at the moment. I wouldn't be able to sleep!)
  • Win a state championship in youth soccer. Both of my brothers did. Twice each! One of them was semi-pro for awhile. (But I did play against the brother close to my age once, and scored on his team from mid-field when I caught the goalkeeper sitting in the corner of his goal. That kept him on his feet the rest of the game.)
  • Learn a foreign language that people still speak. (This one I can at least eventually rectify.)
(11) 4 things I'm glad I did: (It wouldn't be me "playing the fours" without tossing in a question of my own.)
  • Start blogging. I've made friends, acquaintances, and professional contacts (for my writing) since starting this blog. If I quit tomorrow, I would have already made out like a bandit.
  • Read a snide letter to the editor in my college newspaper attacking a movie review for citing Ayn Rand, who "preached selfishness and atheism as virtues". I might have learned about Ayn Rand or her amazing works until much later, if at all, had some holy roller not gotten so riled!
  • Adopted Jerome. That cat is the best pet I have ever had or will ever have. I am a much better person for having known this cat.
  • Finish this list! Time for bed! G'night!
As usual, no tags, but I always do enjoy reading these when my friends do them....

-- CAV


8-16-06: Fixed numeration. Evidently, if I ever need to count sheep when I'm tired, I'll be in trouble.

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