Timmy Does Small Business

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reader Dismuke emails the following and points to a story about a CNN interview with Bernie Marcus.

[T]he founder of Home Depot is coming out of retirement to speak up against Obama's assault on business. ...

I heard him on a talk show driving home tonight. If the business world had more people like him speaking up the way he does, we would be in far, far better shape. [minor edits]
The article notes:
"My solution is that you take a guy like Timothy Geithner and put him in a new reality show. It's called 'Timothy Geithner Does Small Business', something like [the porn movie] 'Debbie Does Dallas', and it ends up the same way," said Marcus. "Basically, what they're doing to small business is very similar in this case [to what 'Debbie' did to Dallas.]"
Figuring that the above quote, while somewhat amusing, probably didn't do Marcus justice, I listened to the video (scroll down) of a segment of the interview. That was much better.

Here are some notes I jotted during the segment, which clocks in at just over sixteen minutes. If you're pressed for time, Marcus really gets going around the 12:00 mark.
  • About a "rich" businessman: "He only works twelve to fifteen hours a day."
  • Regarding the tenured academicians Obama has "running" the country. "That's not the way America is."
  • At 12:00, he offers a scathing mock apology for the "kind of person" he is.
  • At 13:30, he notes that small businessmen, for the first time he remembers, are concerned about the national debt on a concrete level.
  • At 15:30, he warns about the upcoming lame duck Congress, which he warns will pass cap and trade (which will "kill" one of the businessmen he spoke to). He says also that card check is being slipped in administratively.
Marcus's strengths lie in two areas. First, he provides good information regarding what life is like for small businessmen, both in terms of how Obama's policies directly harm them, and how uncertainty about the next government decree makes them unable to plan ahead. Second, he paints a sympathetic picture of the members of America's most persecuted minority as actual human beings. His own affable manner exemplifies this.

-- CAV


mo said...

meanwhile I read a letter from one of my liberal friends. I will quote some passages below:

Why can’t this Tea-Party, which is nothing but an alter-ego of the same useless and dying Republican Party, adopts more useful agendas, stirs, discusses, raises, and finds solutions for real issues such as Global Warming, Deteriorating Civil Rights, World Hunger, Honest Wall Street, Better Standards of Living to the American People, and Optimum Health Care? Who are we kidding?! That would be very American of them to do so. They are only a bunch of failed Nazis who hate the American Values and Freedom.

Obama's campaign was a about a "Change that we can believe in" which inspired millions of people and caused unexpected surge in new voters. However, existing and new voters forgot that Obama belongs to the Democratic Party and not to a third independent party. Therefore, he is not any different than his predecessors who serve the Dark-side, the Lords of the Wall Street, Corporations, and War Machines as the Tea-Party does. They both are two different faces for the same Coin. The only difference is the Republican will stab you while standing in front of you because he is a bully and the Democrat will stab you from behind because he is a pussy. We are so glad that we didn't vote for Obama, and that we retired early to our cage because we "Psychically" knew that he would not be any DIFFERENT from his predecessors and the “Change” he kept on repeating like us, Parrots, is just a change of his word and promises multiple times every day and nothing more.

pretty revolting I must admit

Gus Van Horn said...

Wow! Sounds like you know an angry leftist!

The Nazi reference reminds me of a sign my wife and I walked by this weekend of Obama depicted with a Hitler moustache at a table run by a bunch of other angry leftists.

madmax said...

They are only a bunch of failed Nazis who hate the American Values and Freedom.

What on earth could "freedom" mean to a person like this? And what does he consider "American Values"? We're dealing with a totally different vocabulary and a completely corrupted psycho-epistemology. This type of Leftist is every bit as delusional as a committed religionist. Nothing short of a major life catastrophe could every shake a Leftist like that from their view of "reality".

Pretty revolting indeed.

Gus Van Horn said...

Hence the saying, "A conservative is a liberal who got mugged." But I think it applies only to people with some modicum of integrity.

As an example, I remember a leftie I knew in college who went off to do volunteer work among the poor. He left feeling high, mighty, and self-righteous.

On his return, he said he learned that many of the people he had come there to help "wanted" (his word) to be miserable.

Don't let losers like these angry leftist poison your view of humanity. Aside from stopping them from doing harm whenever one has to, they are pathological specimens and nothing more.

madmax said...

Don't let losers like these angry leftist poison your view of humanity. Aside from stopping them from doing harm whenever one has to, they are pathological specimens and nothing more.

Well said and it is a lesson that every person disgusted with the Left should take to heart, especially me. But I wonder, how numerous are such Leftists? If they are less than 10% of the population, then they are wielding a power far, far greater than their number as they essentially control the culture in nearly every area. If they are more than 10%, how much more? The Left controls the media so it often appears that they are everywhere but if they were anywhere near 50% of the culture we would either have a dictatorship or civil war.

I ask because I was thinking the other day that if Rand should make a real breakthrough in a few years or so this would in all probability trigger tremendous rage from the Left as they have never been challenged *morally* in their history. That could drive them into insurrection and violence. But it would also discredit them even more. If they really are a small percentage of the population, it could be the case that the growing popularity of Rand could knock them off the mantle in shorter time than we imagine.

Too positive? I don't know but it was the first positive thought that I had about the future in years.

Gus Van Horn said...

The angry left are as powerful as they are because they are among the most consistent practitioners of the altruist morality, which also disarms lots of people who might have told them to shut up (or otherwise stood up to them on a day-to-day basis) in better days. Thus, they are emboldened, and civilized people notice that they are obnoxious, so they stand out.

Because the culture is saturated with altruism and there's lots of inertia, the turning of the tide will take some time. But, yes, once it happens, these people will generally (and suddenly) know better than to let people see their asses -- I mean their souls -- so promiscuously.

Mo said...

Oh my view of humanity hasn't been tarnished at all.

At present I am going through your articles on the precautionary principle. I think that integrating or at least approaching this issue from an objectivist POW is crucial given how irrationally the principle is applied

e.g. the latest fear-mongering about GM fish

Gus Van Horn said...

Oh, yeah. I saw an article mentioning those huge salmon. Didn't read it, but didn't have to to know that those will never make it to market if that ilk has its way.

mike said...

i have to say the government is being very timid with those fear-mongers and anti-science whack jobs.

they should stick it to them good and hard

Gus Van Horn said...

Please elaborate.

Mo said...

oh I mean fear-mongering shouldn't get the best of the GM situation. I just bought this book


as a guide for my work on the precautionary principle. I may also read some of Keith Lockitch's work as well.

Gus Van Horn said...

Ah. Mike, Mo, tomato, tomahto.

mo said...

yeah mo mike and mikee too. its ok i come in peace