The Impotence of 'Owning' Trump

Monday, June 03, 2024

Over at Sp!ked, Jenny Holland offers the kind of level-headed assessment of the legally dubious Trump hush money verdict that is impossible to get from American media, which is almost all blindly angry at Trump, or blindly loyal to him:

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (Image by CmdrDan, via Wikimedia Commons, license.)
The media elites [of the left] have vastly misjudged the public mood here. The legal hounding of Trump is only making his base more committed to him. Ever the showman, Trump wasted no time in turning this miscarriage of justice into an opportunity to bolster his brand, which has now expanded to include the beloved American archetypes of outlaw and folk hero. Immediately after the verdict was announced, Trump's fundraising website crashed, apparently due to an influx of donations.

Clearly, it will take more than a few trumped-up charges to dull Trump's appeal. America's political and media classes have been waging a covert war on working-class citizens for decades now. But convicting on the flimsiest of charges a man who is popular among millions of working Americans has brought that war out into the open. 'If they can get Trump', I can hear blue-collar men and women across the nation saying to each other right now, 'they can get anyone'.
Earlier, Holland notes that "there are plenty of legitimate reasons not to want [Trump] anywhere near the White House again."

Among these are the legitimate prosecutions the Democrats should have taken up years ago, and which will now be undermined if they ever see the light of day in time to make a difference.

I guess you could say The libs owned Trump on this one, the same way he "owned" them while he was President.

-- CAV

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