Four Wins Ahead of the Fourth

Wednesday, July 03, 2024

A Friday Holiday Hodgepodge

Whenever possible, I list three wins at the end of each day. Here are a few from a recent review of my planner.

I'm done blogging for the week as I'll be enjoying the holiday with my family. Happy Independence Day!


1. After our move, we opted to subscribe to an electronic security service. I had been on the fence, but in not too long I was glad I went with my wife's thinking.

One weekend, we were at home, relaxing and unboxing things. An urgent-sounding knock summoned me to the front door.


Minutes later, the same thing happened at our side door.

After the third time, I realized we had kids prank-knocking, and I was pondering what to do when my wife suggested I look at our door cam footage.

I had footage of about half a dozen kids in the act.

So I waited by the side door, and opened it after the next round.

Shouting in the direction of the running legs I saw past the bushes, I said, "I have your pictures. Find something else to do!"

Then I saved my footage to disk in case I needed it later and have enjoyed peace and quiet ever since.

Never has a get off my lawn moment been so satisfying.

Image by Mary Desmond, via Wikimedia Commons, license.
2. Soon, the Van Horn family will be back in the cat business!

The kids have wanted cats for some time, but my son is allergic to cats and dogs. After some research, we put down a deposit with a Balinese breeder since the breed is less allergenic than others. We'll also use an allergen-reducing diet for the cats once they arrive, which is still a few months away.

3. During our recent visit to Europe, I got to see Italy again after about 35 years. The first time I visited, I spent a college semester there, and often enjoyed the street food, particularly the rice balls (suppli al telefono) sold by many pizza shops.

This visit was shorter and more structured, so I did not expect to have a chance to enjoy these again. But that chance came when we waited at a hotel around lunchtime for transportation.

Italian street food it was, then! My daughter likes these, too, and in reviewing my planner, I was prompted to find a way to make them myself. (Interestingly, I thought of doing this before, but didn't get around to it. Knowing more about these now, I think I'll find this recipe more satisfying.)

4. On the night we were delayed starting our trip, my wife and I started watching Designated Survivor. I finished the first season last night and hope the three-season series maintains its suspense and dramatic tension throughout.

-- CAV

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