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Friday, April 15, 2005

I have found that the underappreciated threat of Communist China and its alliances with leftist governments in Latin America has been the subject of many of my posts. In this post, which will be linked to my main page when I get the chance, I will maintain an index to all such posts for easy reference.

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Posts will be listed from newest to oldest.

July 14, 2005: Chinamerica Threat Roundup 7

(1) Chinese Saber-Rattling

(2) China and the U.S. Economy

(3) China and Intellectual Freedom

(4) The Chinese Military Buildup

(5) China's "Human Capital"

(6) China and Japan

(7) North Korea

(8) Latin America

July 6, 2005: Oops!

Chinese Internet monitoring site gets hacked.

July 4, 2005

All You Chinese Are Belong to Us

China holds an American citizen responsible for obeying Chinese law on the basis of her ethnicity.

Playing "Cards"

American-Indian and Chinese-Russian alliances take shape.

June 30, 2005: China Sweeps "Internal Affairs" Under Rug

On the same day, China puts down rioting at home and tells the United States not to interfere with private enterprise involving its government-owned (!) oil firm.

June 26, 2005:The Small News and the Big News

Israel agrees not to transfer weapons technology to China, but this may be too little and too late to save Taiwan.

June 22, 2005: Our Southwestern Underbelly

China successfully test-launches long-range missiles. Hugo Chavez seeks to being back Gran Colombia. USA fails to follow its own advice with regards to North Korea.

June 16, 2005

Linux, Anyone?

Microsoft is helping China by "embracing and extending" tyranny.

The People's Revolts of China

Film of a violent government put-down of a rural protest over land confiscation reaches the West.

June 14, 2005: Our Incredible Shrinking Navy

Our navy is being allowed to shrink at an alarming rate while China is building hers up at a similarly alraming rate.

June 13, 2005

Peasant Revolts in China

Stories of revolts against land-taking by the government are coming out of China, some quite detailed.

Steyn: No "Chinese Century"

Mark Steyn makes his case for why it will be the Anglosphere, and not China, that will dominate the next century.

May 25, 2005: Chinamerica Threat Roundup 6

(1) China's (Actual) Internal Affairs

(2) North Korea

(3) Cuba

(4) Taiwan

(5) USA and China

(6) Venezuela

(7) China and Japan

(8) China's Zombie Empire

May 12, 2005:Chinamerica Threat Roundup 5

(1) China's (Actual) Internal Affairs

(2) China's Relations with Taiwan

(3) China's Relations with Japan

(4) China's Zombie Client States

(5) Events in South America

(6) North Korea

May 5, 2005: Chinamerica Threat Roundup 4

(1) North Korea

(2) Taiwan and China

(3) Two Looks Inside China

(4) South America

April 28, 2005: Chinamerican Threat Roundup 3

(1) Cuba

(2) MS-13

(3) Mexico's Political Crisis

(4) South America

(5) China and Japan

(6) China's Military Expansion

(7) China's New Poodle

(8) China's Compound of Prosperity and Tyranny

(9) U.S. Foreign Policy

April 21, 2005: Chinamerican Threat Roundup 2

(1) Superb, comprehensive roundup on China at Winds of Change.

(2) Articles on China at Capitalism Magazine

(3) Sino-Japanese Tensions

(4) About Those (Chinese) Textbooks

(5) What Are They Protesting, Anyway?

(6) Developments in Latin America

(7) Other Chinese Moves Around the World

(8) Their New Allies, the French

April 14, 2005: Chinamerican Threat Roundup 1

(1) Anti-Japanese Protest Roundup

(2) China Ratchets up 'Net Censorship

(3) Chinese Government Encourages Protests

(4) Taiwanese Leaders Waking up?

(5) Israel as Technology Conduit for China?

(6) India and China in "Strategic Alliance"

(7) Spain may be helping Hugo Chavez get his hands on WMD.

(8) China Project at Daily Demarche

(9) China's Strategic Direction

(10) Our weakening military vs. China's strengthening one.

(11) Submariners Blog on Chinese Submarines

April 8, 2005: China Roundup

(1) Two interrelated espionage threats to the United States are the potential for abuse by foreign intelligence agencies of certain types of visas and the fact that Chinese intelligence is operating front companies to collect technology-related intelligence.

(2) U.S. officials are starting to wake up to the Chinese military threat.

(3) China puts off democracy in Hong Kong.

(4) Excellent American Thinker article whose final question sums itself up: "If an aggressive, Cold War-era Soviet Union made bilateral defense agreements with countries in Latin America; purchased large quantities of vital raw materials from Canada; obtained vast amounts of crude oil from Venezuela; and established ports in Cuba and Panama, would America have stood by and watched?"

(5) Hugo Chavez ally, Lopez Obrador, may be blocked from Mexican presidential campaign.

April 6, 2005: Commies on the March

(1) China's plans for surprise attack on Taiwan

(2) Venezuelan economic threat/oil deal with China, Mexico (Lopez Obrador) as potential ally of Venezuela (oil again), first version of post index

(3) Riding Sun likens China to "wife beater."

March 31, 2005: A Few Updates

China will be able to conquer Taiwan by 2008 or 2012.

March 24, 2005: Revisiting Tiananmen

Might the tulip revolution in Kyrgyzstan or the specter of Tiananmen (raised by negotiations concerning an E.U. arms embargo) spark revolution in China? Chavez sends troops across the border into Columbia during a visit by Donald Rumsfeld to South America.

March 17, 2005:
China's Big Chance?

The nuke crisis in North Korea is playing right into China's hands.

February 24, 2005: Outflanked by the Commies

The Sandinistas reemerge in Nicaragua and have a natural ally in Hugo Chavez. The Central American terrorist-smuggling gang, M-13, is just across the border.

November 15, 2004:

Why Red China wanted Kerry to win. Also, China is the gatekeeper of the Panama Canal, enters a trade pact with Brazil, and is caught operating a nuclear submarine in Japanese territorial waters.

Updates added as indicated above by date or as listed below.

4-17-05:Added Cox and Forkum cartoon (hat tip to the General). Reformatted for neatness.
4-21-05: Changed listing order to reverse-chronological.
4-24-05: Fixed some formatting glitches.

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