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new Nanny's Burqa
new River Boat Epistemology
new The Anti-Obama
new Wrong Again


new A Cult of Hyperefficiency?
new And Speaking of Bad Reporting...
new Chuck that map and floor it!
new First, "Access." Now, "Excess"
new Flag Me
new Free Market Rhetoric, Indeed!
new Freedom down the Drain
new If you value X, ...
new Kings of the Barbie
new Monbiot: Tools and Fools
new No State' Tuition for All
new Out of the Woodwork
new Papal Confession
new Real Gentlemen Don't Scream, 'Bitch!'
new Sea of Confusion
new Second-Hander
new Sowell: The 'Science' Mantra
new Spiritual Bankruptcy
new The Dental Chair Confession
new The Oath Fakers
new The Odd Early Morning
new The Sanction of the Victim
new The Young 'Astrologer'
new Theory Thread
new Too Late, Mr. President!
new Welfare and Borderline Cases
new Why They Trust
new Wishing Darwin Away
new Worried Sick?


A Building is Not an Argument, Either
A Choice Turn of Phrase
new Are Principles Optional?
new Asking the Right Question
Australia's Exploding "Fat Bomb"
Ayn Rand [Research CD] on Linux
Ben Stein's Exposed
Beyond Lip-Service
Blogging as Intellectual Activism
Brimming with Insight
Bubble Bursts, Perhaps for Now
Bush's Altruist Doctrine
Bush's Statist Legacy
Collegiate Wristbands
Common(s) Confusion
Dangerous Nonsense in Illinois
new Forthcoming: The Objective Standard
Guidance and Inspiration
Gushers Come from Somewhere
HR 676
Indeed Indeed.
Instinct vs. Reason
Let's NOT Unite
Meditation on a Japanese Parrot
My First Bush Bulb
My Second Home Town
Nudging -- with a Gun
Obama: Correct by Accident
Of Ribbons and Wristbands
Prager's False Equation
Pragmatism vs. Your Freedom and Time
Property: A Right, Not a "Privilege"
Protection? For Whom? No One.
Taking the Long View
Technology Can't Pinch-Hit, Either
The "Right" to Proselytize
The Anti-Mind Stench of myBO
The Impostor Syndrome
The Purloined Assumption
The Servant's Got Your Back?
The Tyranny of Confusion
What Does "Complicated" Mean?
When a Symbol Isn't a Symbol
Yellow Science


al-Benedict Strikes Again
An Elaborate Ruse
An Exception to Prove the Rule
Anarcho-Tyranny "Lite"?
"Anything That's Peaceful"
Bad Joke in the New York Times
Blowing it in Baltimore
Bush Narrows Gap with Gore
Bush's War, NYT's Quagmire
Businessmen Praise Rand
But what if it were true?
Can we say, "psychological projection"?
Casey on the Texas Lottery
Clarence Thomas and Ayn Rand
Count the Skulls for Jesus
Creeping Sharia
D'Souza's Confession
Data Storage Then and Now
Democracy vs. Freedom
Doublethink Redux
Dropping Context
Faith Hijacked?
Fisk the Skull of Jesus?
Flattery vs. Self-Esteem
Genetics and Reproductive Rights
Goldberg Gets Sucker-Punched
Happy (Life on This) Earth Day!
Heidi "Lysenko" Cullen
Hitchens: Not Even Half-Right
How Times Have Changed
Hung up on the Science
Injustice in the Name of Justice
Islamofascism: What's in a Name?
It Ain't the Math
It STILL isn't capitalism!
Koranic Quagmire
Labor vs. Freedom of Speech
Lessons Learned
Let's NOT Debate Science
Make the Commies Compete
Marginalizing Freedom
More Freegan Entertainment!
Non-Interventionism vs Self-Defense
Obama Supporter Gets Cheap Lesson
Outdoor Monuments in the NYT
Politeness in Intellectual Discourse
Press Answers King's Question
Privatize the Airwaves
Progressively Wrong
Proposed Ban Deficient in "Vitamin F"
Protecting Beast from Man
Quote of the Day
Religion's Gordian Knot
Right Question, Wrong Answer
Rights: Civil vs. Individual
Road Bump in Illinois
Robertson: Terrorists do God's Work
Ruling out Reason
SarbOx used to deputize attorneys?
Self-Assertion-Free Oil
Sneak Preview in Denmark
Sowell on "Adolescent Intellectuals"
The Age of the Cockroach
The Emergencies of Ethics
The Global War on Carbon
The GOP's War on Terror Wagers
The Impending Labor Crisis
The Latest Rand Bashing
The Power of Faith
The Practicality of Free Medicine
The Ring of Gyges
Then and Now
Understanding Procrastination
Warming Jihadists
What constitutes "good news"?
Whiffing on "New Atheists"
Who's Scary? Or What?
Why Be Well-Informed?
Yes, but is it true?


A Failure to Educate
A One-Man Wrecking Crew
AMLO: No Patriot
An Eye-Opener by ... Todd Gitlin
And speaking of Inhofe...
Around the Web on 11-18-06
Bait and Switch -- or Divide and Conquer?
Because They Say So
Beware of Greens Bearing Nukes
Booming Iraq: Cause vs. Effect
Bugs and Glitches vs. Art
Bush, Vatican Forget Freedom
Bush: Less than or Equal to Carter?
Cato: Pretend It's 19th Century
Did Atta "Fly While Moslem"?
Faith-Based and Inescapable
Fellow Houstonian Wins Reality Show
Five Years Ago
Gassing the Greenhouse Debate
Ghetto "Capitalism"
Glassman Nails Bush to the Wall
Global Chicanery
Global Warming Hysteria Bankruptcy
GOP Folds on Racial Quotas
How Not to Govern
How Not to Promote Religious Tolerance
Humiliation' vs. Individual Rights
Improving Our Universities
Is the Doomsday Clock Stuck?
John Snow
Katrina Killers, Keystone Chief
Libertarian Medical Experiments
Medworth and Hester on Tracinski
Moral Minority
No one will miss it when it is gone.
Nondiscrimination against Liars?
Our Mixed Economy at Work
Package Deal du Jour: Biopiracy
Paternalism vs. Patients
Peril on the Home Front
Physicians as Little Dictators
Recycling is Deadly
Sudden Jihad Syndrome
The Classics for Everyone
The Politics of Emergencies
The Positive Feedback of Capitalism
The Religion of Self-Parody
The Scientism of Extremism
They Could've Called it "Rothbardpuram"
Think or Die
Three for the Books
Two War Updates in One
Voter Bribery on Arizona Ballot
Who Needs a 'Fairness' Doctrine ...
Yes. He really said that!


A Strangely Revealing Screed
A Thought Exercise
CAIR to the Rescue of School Prayer
Cause, Effect, and Libertarianism
Dems Get Religion
Dennis Prager: A Fisking
Dump the Religious Right
Faith in Practice
Final Solution
From Big Tent to Anti-Concept
Hiding an Agenda behind Facts
Houston and Commercial Desegregation
How Nanny States Perpetuate
Jeb Bush: Unfit for President!!!
Lack of Generalities is General
NOLA's Future: Big Easy or Big Museum?
On Disrespecting the Koran
Principal Stands up to Indulgent Parents
Protecting French at the Expense of the French
Real Desecration
Religionists Reenact Recount
Review of Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life
Review: The End of Faith, by Sam Harris
The 'Hate Crimes' Bandwagon
There you go again!
Using Idiots and Pulling Polls
Vote for Bush or Go to Hell
Whose Riots?
With "Non-Haters" Like These ...
Yousefzadeh Strikes Out Again!


Bean Town
A Stray Meme
A Thanksgiving Revue
Complete the Thought
Daddy and the One-Armed Man
new Desperado
Eight Random Facts
Fair Winds and Following Seas
Fat Cat
Five Things
Five Weird Habits
new Google Zombies
I'm Gonna Regret This
new Jerome, RIP
Michael Jackson, RIP
Miss Maple Does Christmas!
new Moving Quote
new MY Blue Sky
My Fact Checker
My Favorite Faulkner Quote
new No Fluke
Off to Quaff
new Pajama-Clad Again
new Point. Click. Score!
Rites of Spring
new Sevens Again
Ska (and More) Sunday
new Snow, for a Time
Some Industrial Espionage
Sunday Gumbo
Ten Beers to Try
The Book Meme
The Fours Revisited
The Spring Cleaning from ...
[What Character Class]
What will Boston look like?
Who is Gus Van Horn?
Why I Write


new A Taste of Texas
Chili Van Horn
new Cooking as a Hobby
new Domestic Devo
Gumbo Van Horn
new Marrakech Lamb Stew
new Saving My Bacon
new Shepherd's Pie
Sherry Spaghetti
Spaghetti Van Horn
new Two Winners

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